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Hi. I’m Sarah and I love to make.

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The Story So Far

A 10-year-old girl makes a password-protected diary in QBasic to keep her snoopy little brother from reading her very important secrets. If he enters his name at the prompt, it calls him a dirty name.

In middle school, she uses PageMaker to design a custom Monopoly board and deck of cards. By Sophomore year, she edits, designs, and sends the school newspaper to the printshop while maintaining the journalism club’s network of a dozen OS9 Macs (and has her first kiss).

In college, I learned that writing in the third person present tense is obnoxious thanks to copywriting and editing classes, which paid off when I interned for a city-regional magazine with a circulation of 60,000. Six months later, I graduated magna cum laude and was hired on as the magazine’s second designer.

Soon after, I moved north of Seattle to help a software company launch a print magazine to promote their digital products. I found a lot of fulfillment in taking print content to digital in interactive stories, honing my web and communication skills so that I could speak “dev” and bridge the marketing, design, and development teams. I got along so well with the developers that I married one.

I’ve now returned to the great golden state, where I've been both challenged and encouraged by the Bay Area’s thriving tech culture. I’ve worked with mobile startups, design agencies, and ecommerce teams, building engaging user experiences on a variety of platforms and meeting amazing people along the way.

I’m actively seeking out opportunities to grow deeper into product and user experience strategy, where I think my secret sauce — a holistic approach to design, development, storytelling, and content — will bring a clear perspective and industry-sharpened skills to creating products for online consumption.

Thirsty? I’m always up for a chat over coffee, so hit me up and I’ll treat.